About Primus


The Knowledge of Outsourcing: Changing the Dynamics of Doing Business For the Better

In outsourcing, it’s all about what can be done, or delivered – the best way possible – in the most-effective manner.test

At Primus@Knowledge Specialists, Inc., it’s also all about what we know.

Reinforced by our team’s collective expertise and dedication to bring about excellence in all the facets of outsourcing, Primus could spell the difference for your business.

The distinct quality of service and the unparalleled roster of professionals typify Primus’ exceptional brand of outsourcing and manpower support to meet your company’s objectives and goals.

We take pride in what we offer clients every step of the way – from the outsourcing/deployment of specialists and skilled professionals, to implementing reliable integrated human resource solutions.

As a service-driven organization tasked to build the Filipino workforce and boost both local and international businesses through outsourcing, Primus is committed to utmost professionalism and competence that help you succeed in your ventures and undertakings.

At Primus, the secret is in knowing what you need to get things done, and in offering solutions that are practical and targeted.

Making Executive And Professional Manpower Services Available For You – The Most Convenient Way.

We have highly trained HRD consultants who will recommend the right fit and match for your company’s requirements.
Our pool of qualified and dependable professionals assures you that only the best and most knowledgeable people join your team.

Need Staff Services For Your Business?
We’re Just A Call, Text, Or Email Away.

Get recruitment and the trouble of finding the right people to work for a particular project or for a specific period off your worries and responsibilities. With Primus, you don’t have to train the staff you’re tapping or pay for unnecessary fees every time so you save up on time and money. With this corporate set up, you can focus on the task at hand and deliver results.